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Eyes and Brows

Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you have read and understood the following information


  • You have chosen a cosmetic procedure that is not medically necessary.

  • In the first 7 days your eyebrows will be up to 40% darker and 10-15% thicker than the final result.

  • The shape created is determined according to facial proportions, and symmetry is determined digitally with closed eyes to find the start, arch and end points.

  • Microblading/shading is an art process not an exact science, I cannot guarantee an exact colour due to how pigments heal differently in all individuals’. The final colour will depend on natural skin pigment. The chosen colour will appear darker immediately after treatment. The darker colour will exfoliate and lighten within 7-14 day.

  • Oily skin requires more maintenance to retain colour and results.

  • You will be required to return for a top-up treatment between 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment which will deem your treatment complete.

  • In some cases a third touch up may be required due to your skin type or lifestyle this is an extra cost of £50.

  • A retouch will be required periodically to keep the procedure looking fresh. A minimum and maximum duration of the result cannot be determined with certainty and no warranty can be given for treatment. Usually between 9-18 months.

  • Due to each skin type being different the permanence of the treatment cannot be guaranteed.

  • Pigments used in microblading can contain iron oxides. It is essential you inform your radiologists before a CT or MRI Scan.

  • Failing to strictly follow the aftercare instructions given to you may result in poor results, infections, scarring or additional treatments needed.

  • Skin altering treatments such as peels, plastic surgery, implants, injectables, botox may alter the look of the micropigmentation.


  • 72 hours (3 workings days) notice is required if you need to cancel your appointment. 

  • If less than 72 hours notice is given you will usually lose your booking fee. However, I will endeavour to fill your appointment with another client. If this is successful you can use your deposit to secure another appointment. The fee can only be transferred once to another appointment.

  • If you fail to show for the appointment without (72 hours) notice your treatment will be charged at full cost.

  • Cancellations should be made by phone 07525267754, via message on Carly Joan Browns and Beauty Facebook page, or alternatively email to

  • Payments on the day can be made by cash or by card machine


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